Screen Shot 2015-12-10 at 17.34.04There are many factors that you should consider when hiring entertainment for your wedding. The importance of investing in it can’t be stressed enough as it has the potential to make or break your memorable event. There are many options that you can choose from when hiring music entertainment. You can simply go for a DJ if you’re on a budget or you can hire bands, musicians and dancers to make your night memorable. Hiring entertainment can prove to be tricky, so here are a few tips from Medusa Management that should you choose to follow, will ensure that your wedding is a memorable one.

Early Booking

Booking early is very important as it not only means you’ll be able to get your first-choice entertainment artist, but you’ll also get a bargain on early bookings. Most of the popular bands for weddings are booked for a year or two. Early bookings mean you can get ahead of the game and secure your preferred musicians so that you can focus on other tasks of planning the perfect wedding.

Off-Peak Reductions

Many wedding bands that are hard to get a hold of in the wedding season are unable to fill their diaries in the off-peak months or weekdays. If your wedding will take place in October, November, January or February, you can get top acts for reduced rates and on dates of your choice.

Enhance Your Theme

Almost all weddings are based on a theme, most of which are general themes such as summer, vintage, festival and traditional. It’s important to make sure your entertainment is well suited for your wedding theme. If the entertainment of the wedding and theme don’t go hand in hand, your wedding can end up being a disaster.

Timing Your Entertainment

Weddings are never on time and there’s not much that can be done about it, but planning your schedule realistically can help. Timing your entertainment program right is important as you need to understand the mood of the crowd to make it all work. An ideal time for having entertainment is during the reception.

Space Available

Make sure the entertainment you are hiring is ideally suited for the space you have available at the venue. If you’re planning on a dancing act that’ll get everyone moving, make sure your dance floor is big enough to accommodate everyone present. There should be ample room for the performers and the guests so that everyone can enjoy to the fullest.

Research the Entertainment You’re Hiring

It can’t be emphasized enough how important it is to make sure you know that the entertainment you’re hiring is going to be a success or not. If you have seen the act before and enjoyed it, there isn’t much to fear. Go through their past performances to make sure that their music style fits your wedding theme. Make sure they have a manager or are part of a reputable firm.


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