Things That You Should Remember When Booking Wedding Entertainment

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image-1A wedding magician in Kent are great for wedding entertainment. If you’re thinking about booking one for your big day, know these five things first and save yourself some trouble and hopefully money.

Make Sure That You Book Early

If you are determined to book a magician for your wedding, and not resort to your second option for your wedding entertainment, book early. Don’t go panicking and searching at the last minute because you’re are likely to find all the good wedding magicians in town booked already, in the case that you do find one, they may be too expensive.

If Possible, Time Your Booking During Off Peak Season

Since we’ve already settled about booking early, what you have to do now is time it during off peak period. Why? Because off-peak reductions are so much cheaper. Weddings can be costly, so being smart and looking for ways to reduce expenses even in your entertainment doesn’t hurt. The months of October, November, January and February would be the ideal time for booking.

Explain Your Wedding Theme To Your Magician

Just because they’re all magicians doesn’t mean they have the same tricks. In fact they may have different styles in performing. Most magicians do ‘close-up’ magic where they mingle among your guests to perform magic, but if you would rather have him do his tricks on the stage make sure you clarify that early on. Their approach to magic differs too; some are funny and chatty, while others are dark and mysterious. You should know how your magician performs first before you hire him.

Check The Black And White

The magician that you should be dealing with has to be professional enough to provide you a full contract along with terms and conditions. If not, then go and look for another one. Make sure you check, understand and agree on everything that is written before signing anything.

Choose A Wedding Magician From A Reputable Agency

To guarantee a fool-proof deal, you have to hire a wedding magician from a reputable agency. This will lessen the chances of having a headache instead of being entertained during your big day. Aside from that, communication, full terms and conditions and contracting, and other necessities are more secure here.



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